Silver Lake Watershed Treatment Project

The Valley Branch Watershed District (VBWD) has obtained a State of Minnesota Clean Water Fund (CWF) grant (C16-9431) to implement best management practices (BMPs) to reduce phosphorus loading from the watershed tributary to Silver Lake. Water quality in Silver Lake observed since 2005 has declined, as witnessed by a statistically significant increase in phosphorus concentrations and decrease in water clarity. The 2005-2014 10-year average of total phosphorus concentration in Silver Lake is worse than the applicable MPCA standard, and the lake may be listed as impaired due to nutrients.

The elements of this project will reduce watershed phosphorus loading to Silver Lake by approximately 40% and increase the frequency with which Silver Lake meets applicable VBWD and state water quality standards.

The project includes a combination of structural water quality improvements near Joy Park north of Silver Lake, improvements to the Silver Lake bioretention basin, small scale BMPs throughout the watershed, and educational signage in Joy Park. The project is a cooperative effort of the VBWD, the City of North St. Paul, and the City of Maplewood.

Silver Lake was included in the VBWD WRAPS study, which identified strategies to restore lake water quality. Several elements of this project are among those strategies identified in the WRAPS study. In addition to improving water quality, the project will provide secondary benefits to habitat, recreation, and education. If you have questions about the project or live in the watershed and think your property may be a candidate for a small-scale BMP implementation, please contact Greg Williams at or 952-832-2945.

Original Grant Budget Summary
Funding Source
 CWF Grant Funds  $199,000
 VBWD Match Funds  $50,000
 Total Project  $249,000