The VBWD meetings are held the second and fourth Thursdays of the month

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Public Forum Guidelines
Members of the public are invited to address the Valley Branch Watershed District Board of Managers on any topic related to the Valley Branch Watershed District during the Public Forum section of the Board meeting. While offering a Public Forum is important to the Managers, the Managers also need to allow enough time to conduct other Valley Branch Watershed District business. Therefore, the following Public Forum Guidelines have been established:
• Individuals are free to speak about any topic affecting Valley Branch Watershed District residents.
• Individuals should provide their name and address and/or the organization they are representing.
• Individuals choosing to speak during the Public Forum must limit their comments to 3 minutes, unless the Board President provides additional time.
• Comments to the Board of Managers do not require Board or staff response.
• Making a presentation using visual aids is not appropriate for the Public Forum. Individuals with topics that require more time or who desire to make a more formal presentation must contact the Valley Branch Watershed District Administrator, John Hanson, at 952-832-6222 at least 1 week prior to the Board meeting to be considered for the meeting agenda.
• Engaging in active debate with the Board of Managers, staff, or audience members will not be allowed. All comments and questions must be directed to the Board.
• The Public Forum is not to be used as a candidates' forum.
• Speakers must be respectful to the Board, staff, and others in the audience. Any speaker who uses foul, abusive, or inappropriate language or uses foul, abusive, or inappropriate displays or other support materials will be stopped and not allowed to continue with his/her comments; he/she will be directed to be seated. Speakers failing to comply with direction from the Board President may be removed from the meeting.
The Board of Managers appreciates the cooperation of citizens in honoring these guidelines and looks forward to hearing from the public.