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The Valley Branch Watershed District Board meetings will be held on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at the Baytown Community Center-4020 McDonald Dr. N, Baytown Township

Presentation:  Aquatic Plants and Management in VBWD Lakes (DNR/VBWD Meeting)

   -The Tri-Lakes Flood Control brochure

  -The Kelle’s Creek watershed septic system inspection program

  -June 2016 Point-Intercept Plant Surveys at Long Lake, Lake DeMontreville, Lake Olson, Lake Jane,and Lake Elmo

  -The Valley Branch 2015 Plant Survey Results Memo

  -June 2014 Point-Intercept Plant Survey Results

  -Work continues on the VBWD 2013 CWF Grant for Ravine Stabilization project. Click here to learn more.

  -Work begins on the VBWD 2016 CWF Grant for the Silver Lake Watershed Treatment Project. Click here to learn more.

  -Valley Branch Watershed District has grants available for implementing practices to improve the
  quality of our lakes, streams and wetlands.  Click here to learn more.

  -Valley Creek Data Analysis Summaries:  Metropolitan Council Summary and Factsheet 

  -For Blue Thumb presentations and workshop materials in VBWD Click here to learn more.
  -Valley Branch Watershed District is seeking volunteers for its Citizen Advisory Committee. Learn more...

  -Clean water makes waves - Click here to learn how

  -East Metro Water Resources Blog